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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Its been a whole damned year.

Its been a whole year since Umoja first met. Its been a whole year since we came together as a class to listen to Anthony Ho try and get to know our nicknames - and use them. Its been a whole year since the first pool/movie/ponning jaunts we had.

Its been a whole year, or nearly so, since 1st three months marked the beginning of our friendship.

Well, we've survived the first anniversary, so hip hip hurrah!

*pops champagne*

Good luck for the 'A's, Umoja. I'll be back again next year, to check on our pulse on the second anniversary.


Runearay x 5:43 PM


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Haha, i was just going thru blogs on yet another boring night.
We've left this to rot a bit haven't we?

you know, no matter how distant we are now (even though still bodily in the vincinity of each other in none other than nanyang junior college), we're still together in spirit and that whole umoja thing is still there.

haha. all those great memories, like the sentosa outing and the skit came back to me when i was in the sickbay that other day, and each one of you, like yi cheng, eunice, evon, vincent..all the first aiders came in. whether it was on duty or not, still brought back the memories :)
dont stop saying hi in the hallways when we meet! :)

- Emiko

Emiko x 10:52 PM


Sunday, November 06, 2005

some weird update....


*i am bored*

n_evon x 2:32 PM


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Even though no one comes here anymore...

Even though no one reads this anymore...

Even though we're all spread out across half the country...

Even though we've never made up on our promises to keep in touch...

Even though we're no longer as close as we used to be...

Even though the good ole days will never be again...

Even though...

Even though all that, this blog, this place, this tablet of our friendship, of our short and meaningful time together...


This shall never die.

Because there is me.

Because there is you.

Because we are always the Umojans, even though we forget.

Because the good ole days will always be memories within our hearts.

Because nothing can change the fact that the Umojans rock.

Because UMOJA.

Friends forever.

Runearay x 10:50 PM


Friday, May 20, 2005

Hey peeps! I am still missing you all badly! Haha... how's everyone? How's schoolwork? Teachers? New classes? =) I still think nothing compares to the 05a1 of the first intake...

hopefully the thought of umoja will put a smile on your face when you're down or stressed... good luck for mid years, everyone! we'll meet up again soon!!



Tuesday, April 12, 2005

now in sch library :)

toked to current 05A1-ers juz now. they're quite nice. ziyang was as lame, or if possible, even lamer than mi.

but i still like our class better :) *grins*

05SA1 rox !~

Eunice x 4:29 PM


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Hey just got this email from the singapore cosplay club if anyone's interested

The Singapore Cosplay Club will be hosting Cosfest 2005 on the 10th July! ^^ Below are the details:Date: 10th July 2005Time: 1pm-6pmVenue: Pasir Ris Downtown East Admission: FreeWe are now opening registration for the booths! It is $20 for SCC members and $25 for non-SCC members. Please email your name, contact number, IC number, name of booth and type of merchandise you are selling to the SCC at admin@sgcosplayclub.orgYou will receive a confirmation email after you apply in email. Apply as soon as possible to get the limited number of booths available!^_^We welcome all cosplayers/non-cosplayers and artists to the event. Bring along your family too to show them your hobby and interests!Registration for the Cosplay Competition will start later, so decide on your costumes now!^^See you at Cosfest 2005!If you have any questions, just ask us here in this thread or via email.Stephy

Emiko x 11:43 PM


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